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Memory Glass

Cremation Keepsake Sphere
Small hand blown glass Sphere - 2.5" Diameter
Choice of color scheme
Cremation Keepsake Sphere
Large hand blown glass sphere - 3.5" Diameter
Choice of Color Scheme
Forever Heart
2.75" Wide
Choice of Color Scheme
And includes a small pewter stand
Keepsake Pendant
Pendant With Silver Ball
Always keep your loved one close to your heart with a memorial pendant.
Eternal Flame - Small
Keep the torch of their memory lit forever with the Eternal Flame! 10-12" Tall
Memorial Bone
A unique way memorialize your pet. It is more than a keepsake; it is an exquisite work of art.
Memory Glass Orb - Small
Memory Glass is hand-blown glass artwork with the cremated remains of your beloved pet inside
Memory Glass Orb - Large
Memory Glass is hand- blown glass artwork with your pets cremains swirled inside
Spanish Mahagany LED Lighted Stand
Custom Designed Stands
Honduran Mahogany LED lighted Stand
Custom designed and hand made
Memory Glass Pendant
Keep your loved ones close at heart with this one of a kind pendant.